How to Stage a Home to Sell Quickly

Selling a home quickly begins with properly setting it up for success. The way the home looks and feels when a potential buyer walks in for a showing is critical to closing the sale quickly.

Staging a home involves adding the finishing touches that will draw in a potential buyer and make them fall in love with a home. It also involves using furniture and décor to highlight the home’s benefits and draw attention away from any negative aspects of the property.

Here is a closer look at the critical home staging tasks you need to tackle to sell your home quickly.

Consider Your Buyer

What is your target buyer? Do they have specific needs? For example, if your home caters to the needs of a young family, could you highlight the bonus room that would double as a playroom? If it caters to retirees looking to downsize, showcase that extra bedroom as an office or craft space.

Consider the Furnishings

Furnishings are an important factor in how a home feels when someone walks in the door. Both too much and too little furniture can hurt your staging efforts. Evaluate each room in your home, and eliminate as much furniture as you can, or add furniture to empty rooms to show their potential. Many communities have furniture rental stores that will give you beautiful and modern pieces as long as you need them.

Use Staging to Mask Tiny Spaces

Consider using your furnishings to make small spaces feel larger than they are. For example, instead of a queen bed in the small master bedroom, place a full size bed. It will take up less space while still giving the appearance of a master bedroom. Eliminate as much clutter as possible in small spaces, and make sure buyers can navigate from one room to the next easily.

Understand the Impact of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the art of using a home’s decor to create positive energy in the space. This increases the emotional appeal of the property. Happy, but neutral colors, open and natural pathways through the home, and the addition of healthy plants and fresh flowers are all staging techniques that affect the home’s energy and embrace Feng Sheu principles.

Richr tip: If you need to sell quickly, staging your home to attract the biggest pool of potential buyers is critical. If you are unsure where to start and want professional help, consider hiring a decorator or home staging expert to help you with the process. Once the home is properly staged, buyers will feel instantly “at home,” and you will be able to sell more quickly.