How do I choose the best real estate agent near me?

Whether it is an investment property, a vacation home, or a first home, buying or selling your home is an exciting life event, you need to decide on how to choose the best real estate agent. It is also a time when you need to learn how to a) judge the real estate market, b) understand how to market your home, and c) navigate the intricacies of the purchasing and selling process.

From determining the right listing price to entering into the negotiations phase with a potential buyer or seller, there are many steps that you’ll have to take as you begin to sell your home.

What Should I Look For In A Real Estate Agent?

While 20% of sellers choose to enjoy the cost saving benefits of buying or selling a home without a real estate agent, if you are happy to pay agent commissions, then you need to make sure you are choosing the right real estate professional for you and your home sale. In this vein, there are a few questions that you should ask before you choose the best real estate agent.

  • How many years have they worked in the industry? 
  • Do they mostly work with buyers or sellers? 
  • What local areas does the real estate agent cover? 
  • What certifications, industry qualifications, and continuing education has the real estate agent achieved in the past year (and throughout their career)?

Where Can I Find Information on Local Real Estate Agents?

There are hundreds of sites that agents advertise with. Two of the largest consumer sites are and Zillow. You should spend some time reading agent reviews and focusing on the tasks that agents will undertake for you. In this way, you can better understand if a real estate agent will become a valuable asset during your buying or selling journey. 

There are also sites like Upnest, where agents can compete on price to represent you in your selling process. If you desire to use a particular agent but want to reduce those 6% fees, contact them and ask if they will reduce their fees for your listing. Agents try and keep this quiet, but their fees are negotiable.

What Can Go Wrong With A Real Estate Agent?

While brokers and sales associates are meant to assist with the buying or selling journey, sometimes homeowners and buyers have a poor experience. For example, the real estate brokerage might have hidden fees, they might mishandle the marketing for your property, or they might give you bad advice. A lack of responsiveness during the negotiation phase can lead to a missed opportunity. Additionally, your real estate agent might not have the expertise to help you during the crucial closing period.

In fact, real estate professionals are neither permitted nor qualified to provide legal or mortgage advice on issues relating to the transaction. If you have a frustrating experience with your real estate professional and there comes a point when they aren’t positively contributing to your buying or selling journey, then it will probably be time to let them go. 

The Bottom Line: With The Right Resources You Can Successfully Buy Or Sell A Home 

The good news is that with the right resources, you don’t have to hire an expensive real estate agent. Richr was created to give the power back to individuals (like you) who wanted to buy or sell their homes without paying hefty fees to real estate agents. With this in mind, Richr allows you to list homes on the MLS with no listing fee. In other words, Richr is the new, innovative solution specifically designed For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) who want to sell without expensive agent fees.

Visit Richr today to learn more, gather resources about buying or selling a home, and discover the platform you need to enjoy a successful independent real estate journey.

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