Zillow For Sale By Owner

How do I post my home on Zillow For Sale By Owner?

Recently Zillow launched its own For Sale By Owner model that allows any homeowner to list a home on their site to appeal to millions of potential buyers that use Zillow to search for homes. This For Sale By Owner listing product is limited in that the listing does not syndicate anywhere else. On the […]

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Iguana Florida

IGUANA REMOVAL. How do I get rid of these pesky pests?

Iguana Removal A big topic for homeowners living in waterfront properties in Florida is Iguana Removal. For the last few years, property owners have been dealing with an influx of non-native Iguanas causing havoc to their yards. Although these reptiles have been around since the 1960’s, in the last few years their numbers have soared […]

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What are the best i-buying companies in Florida?

So you want to sell your house but are getting overwhelmed by the choices that are now available? It used to be that you would choose a traditional brokerage and pay traditional 6% listing fees. Well now there are lots more options including selling to an buying company. But is this the best option for […]

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Modern apartment building


The real estate industry has changed significantly over the past decade, much of it pushed by technology. Today, buyers can view homes for sale on the next street or across the globe on their devices. Sellers can sell their home by themselves and still reach thousands of potential buyers on the internet. Even those in […]

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What home renovations are most popular?

Which Home Renovations Are Most Popular?

There are two major reasons Southeast Florida residents may undertake a significant renovation project. They may be considering selling their home and wish to maximize their return, or they may have decided to stay in place and want their home to be more comfortable. Whatever your reasons, you’ll want to get the most for your […]

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What You Need to Know About Home Appraisals

Ten Facts About Home Appraisals Every Seller Should Know

Property appraisals are an important aspect of real estate, particularly when you are trying to sell your home. You may have a lot of knowledge about the appraisal process, or you may be brand new to appraisals. Check out Richr’s top ten facts about home appraisals every seller should know. The following information will give […]

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Best real estate agent near me

How do I choose the best real estate agent near me?

Whether it is an investment property, a vacation home, or a first home, buying or selling your home is an exciting life event, you need to decide on how to choose the best real estate agent. It is also a time when you need to learn how to a) judge the real estate market, b) understand […]

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Maximize curb appeal

Maximizing Curb Appeal Before Selling a Home

You want your home to look its best when you are selling it. Although most of your renovations and repairs will focus on interior spaces, you don’t want to forget about spicing up the exterior appearance of your house and yard. First impressions can be make or break when selling a home, so here are […]

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Contribution to Forbes:

How New Home Equity Sharing Platforms Can Help With Down Payments. Check out this article from our CEO Glenn Orgin, a Forbes Technology Council member, published in Forbes on equity sharing. […]

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