Our founder Glenn Orgin is a Brit. He bought and sold houses in the UK where agents receive circa 1% for selling a home and was shocked when he moved to Miami and discovered Americans were paying 6% brokerage fees. For the 66% of Americans who have mortgages, that 6% figure is actually a much higher percentage of their home equity, and sellers are just giving it away. In an age where smart technology has made discovery and selling of homes easier, sellers fees don’t need to be so high. In fact, Glenn set out to make selling without the middle-man so simple it could be done from one’s cell-phone, for FREE.

Glenn compiled an award-winning team to build a technology platform to empower homeowners who want to sell their homes without giving away a large chunk of their equity to agents. Richr.com sets out to equalize the playing field and help individuals market like an agent and choose what to do with their hard earned equity.

  • Richr educates homeowners on how to successfully sell  their home without a full-service agent
  • Richr lets homeowners harness the same marketing power as expensive agents by listing their home on the MLS system and hundreds of other real estate sites
  • Our listing questionnaire only takes minutes to complete and can even be done on your cell-phone
  • Listing is completely free. There’s no catch! In contrast to most other companies in this space , we don’t take a cut from the sale and don’t plan to, EVER. How do we do this? Technology makes listing on the MLS simple, so why be charged complicated prices.

Our Team 

Glenn Orgin founded Richr after a decade working for his family run real estate investment company.

Serena Orgin was a Barrister in London, England, for more than 8 years. Upon moving to the USA, Serena worked as an attorney in Miami for six years before helping launch Richr.